WanderGuard BLUE Wander Management

Protect memory care residents against elopement risk with the most sophisticated – and the simplest – wander management solution.

Helping Caregivers Protect Residents

For many thousands of senior living caregivers, wander management means WanderGuard. WanderGuard BLUE takes that legacy of performance and innovation to new heights.

Easy on Caregivers

WanderGuard BLUE is designed to support caregivers, with simple keypad commands, the option for door bypass using keypads or badges, and integration with the Arial platform for mobile alert notifications. WanderGuard BLUE is highly reliable, too – a solution caregivers can have confidence in.

Resident Centered

From the small and discreet resident bracelet to the streamlined design of the door components, WanderGuard BLUE respects the dignity of residents and the ambiance of your community.

All-in-One Solution

WanderGuard BLUE is the only system you will ever need to manage elopement risk. Not only does it offer built-in UL 294 access control, but it integrates seamlessly with the Arial platform for advanced alerting and reporting. Whether you need to protect one door or an entire campus, it’s a practical and scalable solution that grows with you.

Peace of Mind

Above all, WanderGuard BLUE delivers peace of mind to caregivers and family from the knowledge that each resident is individually protected with maximum freedom.

Giving Back in the Fight to End Alzheimer’s

STANLEY Healthcare is proud to join the fight against Alzheimer’s disease by donating a portion of WanderGuard BLUE sales to support the Alzheimer’s Association.

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Setting a Higher Standard for Wander Management

The WanderGuard Advantage



Equipment Locating

90% reduction in search time


Shrinkage Control

$1.1 million saved by avoiding equipment loss


Preventive Maintenance

100% completion of monthly pump maintenance in less than a week


Recall Management

100% recalled device remediation within 5 days


Inventory Visibility

$250,000 initially saved by avoiding the of additional infusion pumps purchase


PAR Level management

66% reduction in delays in patient care due to available pumps


Rental Management

$42,000 savings per year by reducing unnecessary rental costs of specialty beds


Order Fulfillment

More efficient fulfillment of clinicians’ equipment and device needs


The AeroScout advantage

Simple. Flexible. Powerful.

Everywhere – and Everything – Coverage

The AeroScout platform combines many different technologies – active RTLS, RAIN RFID, low frequency for exit detection, ultrasound for room or bay level location – to get you the optimum solution for the widest range of assets at the lowest total cost of ownership. And it leverages your Wi-Fi network to reduce costs even further.

Intuitive Visual Controls

Asset location and status can be viewed on a computer or app in list form or on a map in the MobileView software, with customizable filtering to help staff find exactly what they’re looking for. Alerts for events such as an asset leaving the facility can be directed to a variety of mobile devices.


Transforming complex data into easy-to-understand visual information, MobileView Analytics [link: MobileView Analytics product page] for AeroScout provides powerful visual analytics to drive better operational decision making, identify areas for process improvement and apply predictive analytics to anticipate future asset needs.

Powerful Integrations

By combining RTLS with integrations to CMMS, ORIS and Infusion Management solutions – and sharing information bi-directionally – hospitals can achieve complete visibility into equipment distribution, utilization and allocation.

Commitment to Customer Success

STANLEY Healthcares’ Managed Services helps you maximize the impact of your asset management program with support for Tag Management, Solution Optimization and Customer Success Management.

From Your Peers

The AeroScout solutions are so important and easy to use that we made sure everyone at PRMC, including our CEO, has access to the applications.Mark Cornelius, Biomedical Department Director – Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Nurses were used to calling Central every time they needed a pump. From Day One, they knew they could go to the clean room and get a clean pump to use with a patient.Carlos Quintero, RTLS Manager – Adventist Health System

That’s $1,000,000 worth of equipment we could have lost and needed to replace.Edgar Newell Director Clinical Engineering – RWJ University Hospital

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