Explore Our Tailored Salesforce CRM Solutions for Different Roles

Customer Service Teams

Deliver exceptional support with Salesforce CRM. Access customer history, resolve inquiries, and ensure seamless communication for enhanced satisfaction.

Finance Teams

Optimize financial management with Salesforce CRM. Handle accounts, contracts, and billing efficiently. Automate processes and ensure accurate revenue tracking.

HR Teams

Leverage Salesforce CRM for effective HR management. Enhance employee engagement, streamline onboarding, and track performance for a productive workforce.

IT Teams

Streamline processes and ensure data security using Salesforce CRM. Configure settings, integrate applications, and manage user access for optimal performance.

Marketing Teams

Enhance marketing strategies using Salesforce CRM. Plan campaigns, nurture leads, and analyze results for targeted engagement and improved ROI.

Sales Teams

Empower sales teams with Salesforce CRM for efficient lead and opportunity management. Track prospects, forecast sales, and collaborate seamlessly to boost revenue.


Holistic Support and Training for Salesforce CRM Use Cases

Explore comprehensive support and training services for Salesforce CRM Use Cases. Our dedicated consultants empower your teams with in-depth understanding of role-based solutions and capabilities. Alongside steadfast support, our Salesforce CRM services ensure that every aspect of your role-based implementations remains optimized according to the latest best practices. Rely on us to guide you through the intricacies of Salesforce CRM use cases, ensuring success in every role.

Trusted by Companies Worldwide

Driving growth for global industry leaders through innovative Salesforce solutions.


Crafting Efficient and Cohesive

Salesforce CRM Solutions for Roles with Expertise

Role-Centric Transformation

Revolutionize processes for every role with personalized Salesforce CRM solutions, ensuring seamless alignment with your unique business needs and goals.

Expert Transformation

Choose us as your trusted partner for efficient role-based solutions, excelling in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Executive Support, IT, Finance, HR, Custom App Development, and fostering Cross-Role Collaboration expertise

Elevated Efficiency Impact

Certified specialists drive role-specific performance, unified insights, and enhanced collaboration, fostering efficiency, innovation, and overall business impact.

Why dgt27?

Salesforce Consulting Company

With almost two decades of experience, we excel in CRM application support and cloud services, aligning solutions with industry needs across various sectors.

  • CRM Mastery:

    With nearly two decades of experience, we excel in comprehensive CRM application support, cloud services, and consultancy. Our expertise seamlessly translates to Salesforce, encompassing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and more.

  • Industry Insight:

    Across 15+ sectors, including Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, and Healthcare, we're adept at driving digital transformation through Salesforce services, aligning solutions with industry-specific needs.

  • Proven Excellence:

    Trusted by over 80 global organizations exclusively within our Salesforce Practice, our impeccable standards and profound expertise have established enduring partnerships.

  • Beyond Salesforce:

    Beyond being Salesforce experts, we fuse deep Salesforce knowledge with a keen understanding of your enterprise's strategic vision, delivering solutions that extend beyond typical service offerings.


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