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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation for MIT

Implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud and integrate it with Salesforce Sales Cloud to enhance marketing automation and customer engagement for MIT, one of the world’s leading educational institutions.

Integrated Salesforce Sales Cloud with QuickBooks

This project focuses on integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud with QuickBooks to resolve data coordination issues and streamline data enrichment processes for Chesapeake Church, enhancing financial management and reporting efficiency.

Salesforce CPQ Implementation for Submittable

Implement Salesforce CPQ to streamline quoting processes and enhance sales efficiency for Submittable, a leading platform for social impact initiatives, in collaboration with dgt27, a Salesforce consulting expert.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation for McCall MacBain

Implement Salesforce Sales Cloud to expertly optimize donor relationship management, streamline grant tracking, and enhance operational efficiency for the McCall MacBain Foundation, a highly prominent non-profit organization.

Accelerating Donation Distribution with Salesforce

This project aimed to help AMRF overcome grants discrimination by implementing automation and an easy-to-use user interface (UI) to achieve a first-come, first-served approach to grant allocation.

Streamlining Sales Processes and Data Management

This project aims to address Ecogy Energy’s challenges of facing issues in their sales process, resulting in a loss of precious data regarding leads and partners.


This project aimed to help AMRF overcome grants discrimination by implementing automation and an easy-to-use user interface (UI) to achieve a first-come, first-served approach to grant allocation.

Industry: Non-Profit

Service Details

  • Salesforce Experience Cloud
  • Salesforce Non-profit

The Problem

AMRF faces issues of grant discrimination, miscommunication, and mismanagement, impeding their mission to provide equitable and efficient support. Swift resolution of these problems is essential for the foundation’s success in serving its community.

Grants Discrimination

Discrimination in the grant allocation process hindered equitable access for deserving recipients.

Miscommunication and Mismanagement

The community within AMRF experienced miscommunication and mismanagement, leading to inefficiencies in delivering services and support. Additionally, they needed to accelerate the distribution of donations, which was taking up to six months.

Inadequate Transparency and Accountability

Another issue within AMRF is the lack of transparency and accountability in their operations and financial management. The stakeholders, including donors and the community they serve, do not have clear visibility into how funds are being utilized.

The Challenges

In pursuit of its goals, the project encountered several formidable challenges. These included combating grants discrimination, streamlining the application process, enhancing communication and management, and expediting donation distribution.

Eliminating discrimination in the grants allocation process.

Creating an automated, easy-to-use system for grants applications.

Improving communication and management within the community.

Reducing the time it took to distribute donations to NGOs.

Ensuring transparency and accountability in the allocation of funds.

The Solution

In response to these challenges, the project harnessed the power of Salesforce solutions. Salesforce Experience Cloud streamlined the grants application process, while Salesforce Non-profit automated grant management, fostering equity and improved communication.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

  • Implemented Salesforce Experience Cloud to facilitate a seamless and user-friendly grants application process.
  • Enabled applicants to submit applications online, eliminating manual paperwork and simplifying the process.

Salesforce Non-profit

  • Utilized Salesforce Non-profit to streamline the grants management process and automate grant allocation.


  • Developed automation rules to enforce a “first come, first served” approach, ensuring equity in grant allocation.

Community Engagement

  • Improved communication within the community through collaborative tools and forums available via Salesforce Experience Cloud.

The Results


Reduction in manual administrative tasks was achieved through the adoption of Salesforce Non-profit.


Increase in community engagement resulted from improved community communication and collaboration.


Increase in the number of applications was achieved as the easy-to-use UI of Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Overcoming Grants Discrimination

The implementation of automation and the "first come, first served" approach effectively eliminated grants discrimination, ensuring that grants are allocated fairly.

Accelerated Donation Distribution

The project significantly accelerated the distribution of donations to NGOs, reducing the process from six months to just two weeks.

Enhanced Transparency Initiatives

The project's initiatives promoted greater transparency in grants allocation and overall operations, enhancing trust and accountability among stakeholders.

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